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An Automated Continuity Solution for television stations - a system that records and plays the announcements between television programmes. This enables a presenter to record 'links' ahead of time, these are stored ready for transmission from the playout server .




Using BCX Technology in a retail environment enables each store to enjoy the benefit of a customised choice of music and information that sounds 'live' but is actually completely automated. BCX Retail is now in use at over 1000 sites. It uses sophisticated download software to keeps sites playing highly customised music playlists.




Barrcode offers comprehensive Customer Information Systems (CIS) for railway and bus stations. Our systems provide both audio and visual information to the commuter. The software can enhance an existing installation or source a complete solution for any site.




BCX Venue is a muli-output system aimed at theme parks and public attractions. The software can be configured to play music, sound effects and announcements from a central location. The 'mood' of the audio can be altered to suit a particular time period in the day and live announcements can interupt this automated output, for example, in an emergency.



BCX Premier was written for the professional radio station. It plays music, adverts and jingles at the touch of a button. The programme can operate in 'total automation' or 'live assist' where a presenter adds their personal touch to the programme output.



This is another variant of BCX for DJs and nightclub owners. The software has been specially adapted for the 'live audience environment'. The system provides an intuitive search function, allowing DJ's to quickly find music.

BCX-DJ (£135.00) This is for a digital download sent to you as a link.


Read more about BCX-DJ Request a BCX-DJ demo



We've made BCX Technology available at heavily discounted prices to those in Educational applications such as Media Studies courses.

Broadcast professionals often get involved in events outside their workplace and prefer to use the same professional tools as they have at work. For this reason, Barrcode is happy to offer the Personal Edition of BCX Playout. This edition is limited to a single user who may earn up to £2,500 of revenue per annum using the software.. Support calls and software upgrades are chargeable.



BCX News is a Windows based package to organise the workflow of scripting news.




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