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Brian Barr, Managing Director

Brian started his career in the Radio Industry at the age of 13 by designing his very own Radio Station in his bedroom using a collection of equipment 'cobbled' together with the help of school friends.


The local television station heard about these enterprising young school boys and their hobby and covered the story on the evening news.


Brian then went into Hospital Radio whist still at school, he also volunteered to help at BBC Radio Leeds, reclaiming tape! After a spell at college, he took a position at Pennine Radio as a Technical Operator, expanding his experience. Brian then secured a job at Hereward Radio as an Engineer, helping construct the new radio station; after eighteen months an unmissable opportunity arose to become Chief Engineer at GB Radio in South Wales - attaining the accolade of youngest Chief Engineer in the network! It was whilst working here that Brian was 'head hunted' to become Chief Engineer at Radio Broadland in Norwich responsible for setting up the brand new station.


After ten years at Broadland, he took the major decision to leave and launch Barrcode with the idea to write software solutions for the media industry.


Brian's interests outside his business consist of flying, he is a keen aviator owning his own aircraft, having held his PPL (Private Pilots License) for the last fourteen years. Also, he is a talented professional photographer, Brian has been part of the Web Team for Pilot' magazine for the last two years, this enables him to pursue his love of flying whilst being actively involved with articles requiring photographs for the magazine.



Dave Hoffman, BCX Sales & Support Consultant

David is responsible for all aspects of our range of BCX Radio products.


David's radio career started in Hospital Radio over 30 years ago and he progressed into professional radio 10 years later. In that time he has presented programmes on no fewer than eight different FM stations and on the Classic Gold Network.

He presented a weekly show with rock legend Rick Wakeman on the UK 's most listened to digital radio station, Planet Rock and also a Sunday afternoon show on his local FM station.


David first started presenting radio shows using BCX technology in 1997 and was delighted to team up with Barrcode to help develop BCX-DJ.


David continues to broadcast around the world as well as host live events, relying totally on BCX-DJ for his music playout at roadshows and is also proud to be part of the Barrcode team.




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