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Can I play iTunes on BCX Premier or BCX-DJ. ?

No. iTunes are a digitally protected file meant for personal listening only. BCX-DJ will play MP3 files and will allow a choice when ripping CD's to store the recorded file as a WAV or in OGG VORBIS format. For best audio quality it is recommended that you play WAV files.


Will BCX-DJ work on my laptop?

Yes and will happily run with XP,Windows 7 and Vista, although we recommend that Vista users install and run BCX-DJ in the 'super administrator' account which can be easily created in under a minute. Email for details.


Can I use BCX-DJ on an iPad?

No. But we can supply a version of BCX-DJ that will run on a Windows PC Tablet on request.


Can I install my BCX-DJ on more than one computer?

Yes, extra licenses can be purchased for your copy of BCX-DJ for less than the price of a new copy.


How can I have more than one audio output from my computer?

If you use a desktop, we can recommend installing the cost effective M audio Delta 1010LT soundcard which will offer up to four stereo outputs. For laptop use, consider using an external soundcard arrangement via the USB sockets or a small mixer with USB facilities. BCX-DJ will recognise many external devices but we recommend trying them first.


Is there a trial version available?

Yes, we are happy to send you a download link to install a full working copy of BCX-DJ which will allow a 20 day evaluation. You can purchase the license to activate this copy at any timefor just £135 inc vat. We accept all major cards and PayPal. Just email dh@barrcode.com with your request.


I work as a DJ at weekends. Do you offer out of hours support?

Yes. Our helpline is manned for 12 hours a day, 7 days a week. It is a non-premium rate number.


Can I see BCX-DJ being used?

Yes. Just search for bcxdj on You Tube for demos and tutorials.

Frequently Asked Questions in BCX-DJ

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